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    IGN: Player rank(IRONMAN, ULTIMATE IRONMAN, HARDCORE IRONMAN, REGULAR, ETC): Item/NPC/Object that is bugged: What have you tried?: How many times has this happened?: How is this expected to work?: If you are not using this layout we will not review the bug report.
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    Just make sure that when the caption above his head says, "arrrooooooooo!" That's when 3 ghosts will pop up, pray flick in this order every time [RANGE ,MAGE , AND MELEE] Try to keep him on the screen, you see that I missed the caption the second time he used it on me , causing me to take significant damage. Easy boss though!! Good Luck! bandicam-2020-08-26-09-59-56-993_PkuZslXI.compressed.mp4
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    Had recorded this for a friend to show how easy it is to get some extra scales for that blowpipe. bandicam-2020-08-26-08-15-08-228_SsqslC7V.compressed.mp4
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