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  1. ive enjoyed Beta alot and now hyped for the full release ! can wait to see everyone in game !!!!!!
  2. Hot or Cold Other name(s): H/C General Gist: H/C is probably the biggest flower-game. You can find hosts spread out between all worlds saying Hot/Cold x2. Hot or cold runs off the the concept of hot and cold colors. After you've placed your bet, you'll say either "hot" or "cold." The host will plant the flower, and you'll either win or lose. Step by Step: 1. Find a host. 2. Place a bet with your host. 3. After the bet is placed, decide whether you want to bet on a hot or a cold flower. 4. Pay careful attention to the host planting the flower and see whether you win/lose. 5. If you win, collect your money, if you lose, better luck next time! Hot Flowers: Cold Flowers: Host Wins: Replay: MAKE SURE TO RECORD ALL GAMBLING !!!!!! as proof if something goes wrong
  3. mine looks fine , try to delete cache en it might fixt it
  4. been testing it and was fun to do !
  5. IGN: -Unbearable , regular account Item/NPC/Object that is bugged: What have you tried?: How many times has this happened?: -Alchemical Hydra second phase , like 10-15 times ( trying to get a certain drop ) -Second phase when you lure it onto the path it returns to it original spawn spot its very hard to finnaly get hits on it when you finnaly do you get stunned and cant do shit annymore , just die How is this expected to work?: -Now with a blue carapace, the hydra should be lured to the green chemical pool. Throughout the phase, the Hydra will launch an electric ball in the centre of the room, which spawns four lightning currents in the four corners of the chamber, although the order in which they appear in is random. The four pieces of lightning converge on the player's location. Getting hit by them will bind the player and deal up to 20 damage. Starting near the middle of the room and looping around one of the last lightning spawns, to escape the box they form, is the easiest way to avoid their damage. Players may also hug the northern wall and quickly move their way west while damaging the Hydra, which works especially well with any ranged weapon with a distance of 10. It is possible to trap the lightning by standing in the north-west corner, moving one tile diagonally south-east when the lightning is two tiles away from you, and instantly moving one tile north. This does not despawn the lightning, so if the player were to move off of the tile, the lightning will start following them again.
  6. Rooftops give more xp
  7. Hi, and welcome to Icarus-ps . We are a 317 server loading OSRS data with custom skins and endless content. We are economy based and driven for the best experience on a private server! First of let me start with the most important links ! - Client - Discord Server Now that's done, I can show you some pictures! Custom Pet + Custom Wings ! Justiciar Zachariah Nightmare of Ashihama Alchemical Hydra Custom Home Area Shops + Ironman shop This is only a part of the many custom features we have ! Join us NOW !
  8. http://icarus-ps.org/Icaruslauncherv1.jar
  9. great minigame fun ASF !!! cant wait
  10. welcome ! hope you enjoy the server
  11. -age. 29 years -experience. been head admin for about 6 months , and mod for about 7-8 months also been part of wiki team for one server -Hobbies. im a pc gamer and play alot of games with friends , i have a 3year old son and one to be born child, i work daily and watch alot of Anime and netflix while playing games -Knowledge ive been around on the server for about a week or 2 now and im playing HCI and normal mode just to learn alot and have fun ofc -Tell about yourself. im unbearable aka Whipwolf , been playing games sinds 6 years old ive been around on the rsrs scene for give or take 10years and played alot of servers mostly Customs but i needed a change and i brought me here , i like to make guides and maybe livestream if you want to know annything just ask -What can we expect from you? im very helpfull toward others (you can ask in game) i wont dissapoint what my uppers ask from me and im just chill but you need to respect the rules ! im also very strict on game names for some reason -Hours available per day. depends on work hours but mostly about 4-5 daily could be more if im not working also GOD I LOVE YOU !!! (this is just to annoy god dont worry)
  12. Welcome to my mining guide here i will post XP rates this is not a 1-99 guide ! How to get started at Mining First off get a Mining pick from the General Shop at home ! right under is the Teleportation Tab click Skilling scroll down to Mining guild Ore's + EXP Most ore's can be mined in the mining guild Tin + Copper (1 mining) 732 xp per ore Iron (15 mining) 1424 xp per ore Coal (30 Mining) 2035 xp per ore Gold (40 mining) 2645 xp per ore Gems (40 mining) 2442 xp per gem for gem rocks go skilling Tab Mithril (55 mining) 3256 xp per ore Adamantite ( 70 mining) 3866 xp per ore Runeite (85 mining ) 5087 xp per ore
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