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unbearable's support apply (Good Version)

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29 years


been head admin for about 6 months , and mod for about 7-8 months also been part of wiki team for one server


im a pc gamer and play alot of games with friends , i have a 3year old son and one to be born child,

i work daily and watch alot of Anime and netflix while playing games 


 ive been around on the server for about a week or 2 now and im playing HCI and normal mode just to learn alot and have fun ofc


-Tell about yourself.

im unbearable aka Whipwolf , been playing games sinds 6 years old ive been around on the rsrs scene for give or take 10years and played alot of servers

mostly Customs but i needed a change and i brought me here , i like to make guides and maybe livestream 🙂 if you want to know annything just ask 🙂 

-What can we expect from you?

im very helpfull toward others (you can ask in game) i wont dissapoint what my uppers ask from me and im just chill but you need to respect the rules !

im also very strict on game names for some reason 

-Hours available per day.

depends on work hours but mostly about 4-5 daily could be more if im not working 🙂



also GOD I LOVE YOU !!!  (this is just to annoy god dont worry) 



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