About Icarus-PS

We are a 317 loading OSRS with custom skins and endless content. Economy based and driven for the best experience on a private server!

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Welcome to the official page of Icarus-ps!

We all want to thank you for the support and activity on Icarus-PS! Without all of you we could not fix so much bugs and do updates so we are thankfull to all Beta testers.

Now it's finally time to make the next step into the RSPS Scene!

The launch was a succes! we keep updating the server to fit everyone's needs. Our plan is to succeed in this scene! so we will! we want to thank everyone again that made this happen. Please keep support us with voting so we can stay on our places and even grow.

The developers are trying to make it feel as unique as possible so we can offer a playground no one else can! We had some ups and downs during the beta but we will get stronger and stronger providing you the things you need in a RSPS! Please help us inviting everyone you can into the discord to make this release unforgettable!! We need you more then ever! Personally i want to thank everyone that helped me and stayed with the server even in darker times, i cant explain how much that did to me (bowlcutgod) IF there are any issues etc, please let me know so i can help you with anything. LET'S GET A NEW RSPS BOOMING, WE ARE ICARUS!

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