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  2. Ich bin gegen covid 19. Was ist deine Meinung? mituns
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  4. Hey guys! Tomorrow we will be having some fun. 8pm UK Time there will be : A first to get a "RARE" drop in Stronghold Raids will be getting 1x Of all Boxes(Limited and Xmas are not included) After that we will be hosting a little hide'n seek, 3 rounds every winner will get 1x25$ After the hide'n seek, ever person online will be getting a free $10 Bond. Bonus: We have a PROMO Link: If you upload it this weekend on you're youtube channel and post it in #media i will be giving everyone who does so a 2x10$ and 2x whatever Boxes you want. Have a great weekend. P.S new Code for the STORE: JAN2021 = 15% OFF. _
  5. Beyond glad to have you bro, welcome and enjoy.
  6. Revenants within Icarus are great for money making and XP farming. Revenants are the ghostly versions of creatures slain during the God Wars found in the Revenant Caves within the Wilderness in levels 28 to 34. They are extremely dangerous monsters, being capable of hitting very high and accurately for monsters of their combat levels. Revenants are known for their generous drop table, due to being in the Wilderness, where the player is at risk of being killed by other players in a multicombat area. Each revenant shares the same drop table, though higher levelled revenants and turning Bounty Hunter on increases the chance of dropping items. Fight overview Revenants are capable of using all three forms of combat and are much more dangerous than their combat levels suggest. Their attacks have very high accuracy against any player not using a bracelet of ethereum regardless of their defensive bonuses. In addition, their attacks change based on the player's defensive stats and protection prayers being used. They are also capable of healing themselves when their health falls below 50%, though this only occurs a limited amount of times. When it heals itself, a lightning strike can be seen. Being undead, revenants are susceptible to the effects of the salve amulet and its enchanted version. Fight Technique As Pkers are common to encounter in the revenant caves, a popular strategy is to only bring 3 valuable items. Players can kill revenants using any of the three combat sytles. The Toxic Blowpipe is a very useful weapon. Wearing a bracelet of Ethereum is highly recommended due to its damage blocking effect, if worn they will not hit you at all. You can acquire a bracelet of ethereum from all revs except imps. Location Revenants are located in the Revenant Caves within the Wilderness in levels 28 to 34. The cave has a north entrance and a south entrance. The North entrance is located directly north of the Black Chinchompa's. The south entrance is located just east of the Bandit Camp. The caves can also be reached by using a Revenant Cave Teleport scroll. Drops Revenant Ether Revenant Cave Teleport Bracelet of Ethereum Viggoras Mace Craws Bow Thammarons Sceptre Ancient Emblem Ancient Totem Ancient Statuette Ancient Medallion Ancient Effigy Ancient Relic Ultra Rare Drops Revenants also drop pieces of the Ancient armour sets.. Vestas, Morrigans etc. These pieces you can sell to other players for large sums surpassing 10's of millions. (Couldn't find any icons sorry) Hope you enjoyed my guide, feedback is most welcome! -99 Skill
  7. Please note: this guide is focused around the 10-Wave mode of the fight caves. As this is the quickest way of getting the FireCape. This is not an extensive guide for the 63 wave mode. The TzHaar Fight Cave is a safe combat minigame, where the objective is to survive 10-63 Waves of Tzhaar Cave's Monsters and defeat the final boss, Tztok-Jad. Once you complete the minigame, you're rewarded with varying tokkul (The TzHaar's currency used at their shop) and most importantly: a Firecape. Rewards: -Fire cape - Tokkul When you die halfway through the minigame, there will be no rewards. Only when the Fight Caves is completed, the player will be rewarded with the two items above. On completion of the minigame, there's also a chance at receiving: TzRek-Jad TzRek-Jad (1 in 200 chance) Notes: - You can sacrifice a Fire cape to the TzHaar-Ket in front of the Fight Caves for a 1 in 200 chance of also receiving the TzRek-Jad pet. -The ammount of tokkul recieved upon completion of the fight caves in Icarus depends on the ammount of waves you choose to complete. (10-63) The more waves, the more tokkul. How do I get to the Fight Caves? You can get to this destination by clicking on the World Map icon in the top right of your client, selecting "Minigames" and then TzHaar fight caves. Acquiring the Fire Cape: If you are souly after the fire cape and not huge ammounts of tokkul, I would suggest only doing the 10 wave option, as all of these modes do reward you with a cape. How to beat the waves: Fortunately on Icarus, there are only 3 NPC's you have to worry about in the initial waves of Fight Caves, and they are as follows. FTok-Xil, you will want to pray range to avoid getting damage, he is pretty much like Legolas off LOTR except he is clearly taking anabolic steroids. Yt-MejKot, this prick is pretty much the chad of the fight caves so you will want to pray Melee to avoid him throwing hands at you, even though his name suggests it... He is not a youtuber. Ket-Zek you can remember this one easily as he looks like the offspring of a frog and a rabbid staffy. You will want to pray mage to avoid him whacking ya. NOTE: There are other small enemys e.g: The blobs. I suggest just praying mage with all these little enemies to avoid as much damage as possible and to avoid switching prayers every 3 seconds. We are here for simplicity after all. AAAAND... THATS A WRAP! While this guide has been brief, the fight caves in Icarus really are quite simple. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Hello Icarusians, today I will be going over a few money makings methods to get you started with some decent GP! Method 1: Smithing and Alching Rune. - If youre smithing and mining levels are high enough, you will be able to smith rune platelegs. These are quite good for money making, as you can sell each piece for 50k depending on if you high alch them or not. This can end up being 450-500k per inventory. Method 2: Easy Slayer Tasks -Doing easy slayer tasks can be extremely profitable, upon completion you will recieve 500k gp and a slayer chest key. These keys can give some really cool prizes, vary from onyx bolts, weapons like the zamorakian hasta and all the way up to items like ultra mystery boxes. Most easy slayer tasks only take about 10 minutes to complete. Method 3: Dragon Impling Catching - Catching Dragon Implings is profitable in many ways, they frequently give many baby dragon bones, dragon arrows, daggers and many other supplies. You can either keep these for other skills or sell for quite a good profit. You can find dragon implings in the Puro Puro hunting area or at ::DZ if you are a bronze donator or higher. Method 4: Revenant Caves - Revenant caves are great money, theres no doubt about it. But its even greater money if you are luck with your RNG. Depending on who you're selling it too, the unique drops from revs can fetch you anywhere between 50-100M. Huge lucky drops aside, the common drops are often stackable and if you have plenty of ether and an ethereum bracelet, these monsters wont even hit you. I hope that one of these four methods help you out. Please note these are money making methods for starting players and are at the very least a stepping stone into getting gear for things like elite tasks and bossing. Thank you for reading, and dont hesitate to pm me ingame if you need help with anything. - 99 Skill
  9. maybe adding secondaries that are required would help alot of people with whats needed to actually make the potions
  10. Nice dude! Goodluck on your adventure!
  11. Welcome Steven, goodluck on your journey!
  12. Update as of 1/3/2021 02:42 MST
  13. Hi all i am going to be keeping you all up to date on my journey and progress with gridlocked extreme mode.
  14. Hi guys my name is Steven aka Skyn, I am here to have fun and to master gridlocked on extreme exp rate :)
  15. Hey guys, I will be using this thread as an update on the progress of my account. I will keep this thread updated with all of the achievements I get within the game, that way I have something to look back on my journey! 27/12/2020 -99 Skill Joins Icarus-PS.org -200M Attack XP Achieved -200M Defense XP Achieved 27/12/2020 -200M Strength XP Achieved 29/12/2020 -200M RuneCrafting Achieved -Vorkath Guide Submitted Into Forums 31/12/2020 -99 Skill's Staff Application Submitted 02/01/2021 -99 Skills is accepted into the Staff team as a Trial Support Helper! 3/01/2021 -200M Magic XP Achieved -200M Thieving XP Achieved -200M Crafting XP Achieved 04/01/2021 -200M Fletching XP Achieved -200M Ranged XP Achieved 06/01/2021 -99 Skill Becomes Rank 1 Player on Hi-Scores -200M Cooking XP Achieved 07/01/2021 -Released Revenant Guide -Released Firecape Guide
  16. -Ingame Username: 99 Skill -Position Applying For: Trial Moderator -Age: 23 -Country: New Zealand -Timezone: +12:00 (Auckland, NZ) -Irl Name: Josh -Past Experience: My experience throughout both Old-School Runescape and Runescape Private Server's is extensive! All in all collectively well over a decade worth. I have been a moderator on both SoulSplit and PKHonor where - my duties included over seeing player disputes including scamming, in-game bug abuse and economy stability identifying potentially eco threatening errors e.g: A items high alchemy value being higher than a store price so essentially a infinite money bug. I have basic coding knowledge in C++, HTML, PHP, CSS and SQL mainly dealing with Database to CMS query relations. I have also owned my own RSPS although it was more just a project to practice said languages. -Hobbies: Aside from Icarus, my hobbies include graphic design, painting, playing instruments (guitar and piano), looking after my kids, anime and airsoft! -Knowledge: My in-game knowledge of Icarus is better than most in my opinion, and it is still actively growing. I take a lot pride in helping new and experienced users whenever I can, and find 9 times out of 10 I can do this successfully. From telling people where certain NPC's are located to giving spare gear, I always actively seek to make Icarus a happier place with happier users. -About Myself: I am a 23 year old male, living in the beautiful green covid free Country of New Zealand! I am a pediatrician by trade and studied 6 years at the amazing institute named Victoria University in Wellington. While doing all of this I also received a certificate in computer based graphic design, check my illustrative portfolio out at www.behance.net/joshfallondesign if you like! I am a father of two girls. One being almost 2 years old now and one on the way. I love being a Dad and I love being active whilst going out and shooting some noobs on the airsoft range. -What you can expect from me!: You can expect nothing but the utmost loyalty and dedication really. You can expect me to continue to actively help anyone who needs it here at Icarus. You can expect me to actively pursue my two goals; The first being the first player to achieve 200m in all skills and the second goal being to become the richest user in-game. You can expect a happy go lucky moderator who can also put down a hard, yet professional word when needed. You can expect to come to me no matter what the problem is knowing with full confidence that I will try my hardest and use my fullest capability to solve it or organize someone else who can. -Hours available per day: I will be available at least 8 hours every single day. My time-zone gives me a unique upper hand to be awake and available while most will be sleeping. In Summary: Thank you for reading my staff application and thank you for your consideration. Icarus is an amazing server, which I am fully hooked on and will continue to be until my goals are achieved, which I'm sure even when I achieve said goals, more of them will arise. Thank you!
  17. Really good list of updates man, cheers for the time you put in. We all appreciate it! x
  18. UPDATE NOTES #14 This is the last update of the year 2020! We will have some downtime after the update because i have to update the dedicated server. Will be around 10 minutes ETA. Stay healthy and safe, and a happy new year from the whole team! UPDATE LIST - Changed attack speed of Vorkath's twisted bow. - Mining now notes the resources gathered as a Gold+ Donator - Woodcutting now notes the resources gathered as a Gold+ Donator - Fishing now notes the resources gathered as a Gold+ Donator - Gold Donators now get 1 Icarus mystery box daily instead of 2 Mystery boxes - Zenyte Donators now get 1 Ultra mystery box daily instead of 2 Mystery boxes - Fixed 2 issues that caused a dominion key to be deleted even if you didn't get into dominion raids - Normal logs now chop 2 when you have the woodcutting cape equipped - Changed slightly the handling of the Skillcape perk in Fishing - You can now use the fishing spot at ::afk to gain afk tickets - Karambwan fishing uses correct animation now - Changed one of the dark crab fishing spots in donator area to a Karambwan fishing spot - Fixed infernal eel fishing spot in Donator zone - Fixed animation for Dominion rapier - Monkfish/Shark fishing spots now show correct required tool - Runite+ Donators can now select their own slayer tasks within the new interface in the blue quest tab under Collection log - Chambers of Xeric points have been fixed - Porazdir & Justiciar Zacharia teleports have been moved to their new locations (Wilderness) - A lot of the slayer tasks have been changed so you can correctly attack the different categorys of that monster, (Example: Task is Banshee, you can progress killing the twisted banshee) - Spellbook home teleport now teleports you home and the Teleport interface is accessible through the world map orb - Removed the interface that would show up if you teleported with normal spellbook - Fixed an issue with Platinum tokens being able to exchange more then 2147m worth and losing the extra - Ironmen can now buy exp with pest control points in the store - Changed some item values - BCS will provide bolts that work now - Hellhound secondary drops buffed - Vespula casket drop will now go to bank if you have a full inventory - Tekton will now drop an icarus box during the pursuit event if you kill him - Fixed not being able to get into loot room with Sos raids on second raid - Blowpipe speed nerfed slightly - Vorkath bow attack speed increased slightly - Odium and Malediction wards are now craftable - Teleportation device in the Donator zones now work - Slayer helmet and Armour will no longer stack with Salve amulet - You can now access the H.A.M Hideout - You can now get across the monkey bars in Edgeville dungeon to access the Earth warriors - Some gridlock region fixes, Below are areas now accessible depending on your region progress - If you come across any other areas of the map that your supposed to have access too but don't, please report them - Gridlock region 1: H.A.M Hideout, Taverly Dungeon, Wildy ditch (there was 2 tiles that was causing the out of region damage) - Gridlock region 2: Mudskipper Point, Asgarnian Ice Dungeon - Gridlock region 3: Mos Le'Harmless, Mos Le'Harmless Cave - Gridlock region 4: Inferno, Kraken, Kourend Katacombs (Skotizo is locked) - Rouges den teleport works now - can no longer attack some of the shops at home - KBD will no longer hit through the Anti-dragon shield
  19. Legend has my support. He has been nothong but helpful and respectful. +1 and good luck bro!
  21. Hey there! Just a quick introduction as to who I am and what I'd like to achieve within the server... My name is Josh aka 99 Skill. I am a 23 year old guy from the beautiful Country of New Zealand. I am a pediatrician (Children's Doctor) by trade. My goals within the server are quite simple really, to be the best. This means being rank 1, the first to achieve all skills at 200m XP and to eventually even become the wealthiest. These are the big future goals but for the mean time I will be actively bring content to these forums through guides and other topics. Icarus seems like a beautiful server to play and I love the already welcoming community. Cheers guys! ❤
  22. Hi there True here!! I have played Icarus for some time now and would like to apply for the Player Support rank! My age is 23 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Over the years I have played many Runescape private servers and have filled multiple staff roles from; Support, Moderator; Global moderator and Community Manager! Any more experience that I have in staff role is that I run a osrs clan where we have to deal with multiple issues from scams to fights between clan members. My knowledge about Runescape is pretty good I have played Runescape for years! Though Icarus is a lot different than osrs (ofcourse) I'd help anyone anywhere I can with the knowledge that I have! So what about me? I am a guy pretty chill not aggressive in any way and willing to help/teach (new) players how to get around in either Runescape or Icarus (I don't really play any other pc games! Sometimes PS4 tho!) My hobbies are mainly chilling with friends; playing Runescape/Icarus and making (non)alcoholic cocktails! (used to work as a cocktailbartender). I am pretty much online at all timezones but mainly at late afternoon UK time till early mornings. (This honestly depends on whether I have time to play and when I get up xd) I'll have pretty much a hard time to find a new job especially in the branche I used to work in, so for now I have lots of time to help Icarus on the grow and help anyone out that needs my help. The hours that I am available per day in game might be around 8-10 hours? Yet you can always message on Discord since I use the app on either PC and phone! Well we've come to the end of my staff application form! Thank you for taking your time to have a look at it and see y'all in game!! Greetings, True Legend.
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