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  1. IGN: 2lstgun Rank: Moderator Item/NPC/Object that is bugged: Elite Void Magic/Ranged set What have you tried?: Testing max hits on the combat dummy How many times has this happened?: It's consistent How is this expected to work?: Elite Void is meant to provide a small additional bonus to Magic and Ranged, as shown here:
  2. 2lstgun


    Well, I'm 2lstgun. I live in Australia. I like video games, board games, card games, and fishing. I play RSPS', FPS and TPS games; but have no real patience for RTS or Puzzle games - at least not for extended periods. I'm a trained and licensed Drone Pilot, having logged over 100 hours of flight time on various drones ranging from 1.5kg to 22kg over the course of my employment as a pilot. I am teaching myself a little bit of RSPS coding, but know basically nothing atm. That's basically me. Cool.

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