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  1. Hey guys! Tomorrow we will be having some fun. 8pm UK Time there will be : A first to get a "RARE" drop in Stronghold Raids will be getting 1x Of all Boxes(Limited and Xmas are not included) After that we will be hosting a little hide'n seek, 3 rounds every winner will get 1x25$ After the hide'n seek, ever person online will be getting a free $10 Bond. Bonus: We have a PROMO Link: If you upload it this weekend on you're youtube channel and post it in #media i will be giving everyone who does so a 2x10$ and 2x whatever Boxes you want. Have a great weekend. P.S new Code for the STORE: JAN2021 = 15% OFF. _
  2. Hey guys! Going to host something just for the fun of it! Upload a video where you are playing Icarus, - Minimum 5minutes long. - Decent quality. - prefer if a voice is on. - be creative. Make sure the title is something like this: - Icarus RSPS! The best semi custom! (Example) After you have uploaded a video then:\ Pm me on discord. And i will be rewarding each player based on the quality of the video, and the size of the channel! Discord : Benneh.#2568
  3. Hi guys! I'm giving out some rewards to you guys! All you have to do is something very simple. We have a promo, and if you upload it to your youtube channel you will be rewarded with a price mostly depending on the size of the channel. Everyone will be rewarded no matter how big it is or how good the viewings are. Minimum price is Ultra mystery box. (Pm me on Discord (Benneh) for further details.) P.S Would mean alot if you guys would put Icarus as rich presence on discord. How to do so? - User Settings - Game Activity - Not seeing your game? Add it! Click that, add Icarus and voila.
  4. Hey everyone, we were going to host weekly goodiebags if we hit over x limits in donations a week to reward players. I've decided to change that cause i feel like everyone who is loyal to the server and belives in the future of it should be rewarded.| Everyone who has over 24 Played can claim 1x Legendary Mystery Box. (1 Account per IP) If you have over 24 Hours played, Then Add a fullscreen picture of the client showing Time Played. The picture should be posted in #Ingame-Footage on Discord. Or Under this Thread. Remember 1 Acccount per ip. This will go on for the whole weekend! So everyone who is new-ish can still manage to pull it!
  5. Hey guys! We are going to host a event for everyone who has the chance to Stream or Upload a video. So from the 10/14/2020 to 10/24/2020. You will be available to post a Stream/Video and get paid ingame. The rules: The content has to be in a decent quality to qualify as a Stream/Video. When it's over the whole staff team will go over everything and the person with the most unique content will win $100 Ingame & 1x of all boxes. The person with the highest subscribe count will also be rewarded based on how big the youtube is. Have fun everyone, this is going to be alot of help to the whole server as it is. (You can only do either 1 Stream or 1 Video every 24 Hours.) 0-30 Subs Per Stream you will be granted 1 Mystery Box. Per Video you will be granted 2 Mystery Boxes. 30-100 Subs Per Stream you will be granted 2x Mystery Boxes. Per Video you will be granted 2x Mystery Boxes. 100-250 Subs Per Stream you will be granted 3x Mystery Boxes + 2x Icarus Boxes. Per Video you will be granted 3x Mystery Boxes + 2x Icarus Boxes. 250-500 Per Stream you will be granted 3x Mystery Boxes + 3x Icarus Boxes + 1x Ultra Mystery Box Per Video you will be granted 3x Mystery Boxes + 3x Icarus Boxes + 1x Ultra Mystery Box
  6. New Donator deals! Happy new year.. =] Been a great ride! Let's keep it this way and get even better, even bigger and even stronger! Here below i'll list the donator deals. How they work: Hit x amount and you get the deal, Inside the range of the specific month listed in the title. Donate over 85$ this month get: 2x Legendary 2x Ultra 1x Pet Mystery Box Donate over 185 this month get: - 2x Inferno Mystery Boxes 1x Primal Weapon(You pick) 2x Raid Mystery Boxes Donate over 335$ This month get: 2x Limited Mboxes 2x Xmas Mboxes 2x Inferno Mboxes 2x Legendary Mboxes Donate over 650 This month get: 3x Of all Boxes(Icarus, Ultra, Pet, Legendary, Raid, Inferno, Xmas, Limited + 1x. Whatever Infernal Item you want. Donate over 825$ This month get: Get to pick 20 Mboxes own choice + Whatever set you please. These deals are pretty good since we are a custom server + this is our way moneytizing the project. We have been up for months and we keep working hard, nothing will be different. Thank you so much for everything guys. Then after the end of the month, We will have a Massive drop party matching the amount donated over the month! Hope these deals make more sense! Have a great time, and keep grinding!

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