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  1. Sick mate thank you very much and thanks to the boi Shi
  2. Siiiiiick thanks a lot G
  3. Beer

    Dominion Raids Guide

    I’m glad! You’re welcome
  4. Beer

    Dominion Raids Guide

    ffs snippets have went blurry, much apologies you guys get the jist of what I'm trying to say lol
  5. Hey everyone this is my quick guide to Dominion Raids! A custom minigame which gives you a chance at 4 attempts to get loot, remember that it's not only the 1! DOMINION RAIDS! Dominion Raids is a solo raid at the top of the slayer tower, you need to be able to complete 10 floors to get a reward! The floors are always the same order and EVERY FLOOR HAS A BANK CHEST. HOW TO ENTER DOMINION RAIDS! First you need to buy the Dominion Key from the slayer store for 1000 points The key is yours forever and has unlimited uses! Firstly, you need 93 slayer to be able to enter Dominion Raids, the raid entrance is located on the top floor of the slayer tower OR the Minigames teleport and at the bottom there is Dominion Raids! Secondly, you want to be in a clan chat of your own, or if you're going in with a squad then everyone joins the host and the host is the one who can enter the raid! GEAR LOADOUT AT THE BOTTOM! FLOOR 1: The first boss on the task is the Chaos Fanatic! This boss isn't to much of a struggle For this boss Pray Mage! TOUGHNESS LEVEL: 2/10 FLOOR 2: We have General Graardor who is a little more tricky than the chaos fanatic but still not to much of a struggle! For this boss Pray Melee! TOUGHNESS LEVEL 5/10 FLOOR 3: We have a Lizard Shaman, this boss is easy enough not much needs saying For this boss Pray Mage! TOUGHNESS LEVEL: 3/10 FLOOR 4 : We have a King Black Dragon! This boss up to this point will be the hardest one yet, you will NEED a dragonfire shield or an anti dragon shield! Usually as the photo shows I take in with me an antifire potion AND an antivenom potion, antifire will stop all KBD fire attacks and antivenom stops the venom damage For this boss Pray Mage! TOUGHNESS LEVEL: 6/10 FLOOR 5: HALFWAY BOYS! (and girls) We have the Crazy Archaeologist! This boss can be tricky if you don't doge his attacks. I call these attacks his gold disk attacks, I tried my hardest to get a photo for you guys! For this boss Pray Mage! TOUGNESS LEVEL: 5/10 (dodging attacks) 7/10 (not dodging gold disks) FLOOR 6: We have Scorpia! A nice chill boss in my eyes, not much to worry about other than a hit now and then. For this boss Pray Melee! TOUGHNESS LEVEL: 4/10 FLOOR 7: We have Barrelchest, this guy is a walk in the park, might give a little hit now and then no stresses though! For this boss Pray Melee! TOUGHNESS LEVEL 3/10 FLOOR 8: We have x2 Dust devils! Easy as hell. No explanation required For this boss Pray Range! TOUGHNESS LEVEL: 1/10 FLOOR 9: We have Chaos Elemental! I find this guy a little tricky, he has 2 methods of attack which are ranged and mage, the green missiles are mage attacks and the red are the ranged attacks For this boss Pray Mage! TOUGHNESS LEVEL: 8/10 FLOOR 10: YOU'RE THERE! GOOD JOB! This boss is the final boss Kerberos! This isn't hard easy dub. For this boss Pray Melee! TOUGHNESS LEVEL: 1/10 Now that you have completed DOMINION RAIDS! You go down the rope of light one last time and get into the Rewards room! Click the chest 4 times and once you're done click the ladder to get out and re-go as many times as you desire! Goodluck out there fellas! For my gear I go Melee style and I ALWAYS have atleast 1 Super combat potion (or Overload), 4 Prayer potions, 1 Antifire potion and 1 Antivenom. Using spec weapons is completely preferential I chose AGS ( I never use it always forget lol) and veng runes is completely preferential too, useful for speedruns.
  6. This is amazing for new and current players! Thanks a lot
  7. Beer

    Beers intro

    Hello everyone! My IGN is Beer my real name is Lee and I live in England and I’m 20 year old 21 in December My rsps journey begin I’d say about 10 years ago with my older brother and ever since I’ve loved it I’ve been playing most of them years and only had about 3-4 year out total! I’m very friendly love talking with different people and pissing about being silly. I’ve had a ton of experience with rsps and how they play differently and dealing with many many different personalities, I get along with the vast majority of them. I’ve had a lot of experience skilling and general play and a lot of deaths to Pkers I just cannot do it. From my time here everyone I’ve encountered has been absolutely great, an amazing bunch of people and helpful staff. This sever consists of many great features that even I haven’t saw in years of playing which is why I stayed after hunting for days for a perfect sever, it’s that good that I donated within the first hour of playing lol. Cant wait to meet more people on my journey and thanks a lot for reading

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