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  1. Age - 25 experience - Server Support, Owner , +10 years of playing runescape / rsps Hobbies - Metal Detecting ,Video Games, instagram & Youtube Knowledge - I d said Average if not better Know Things Quite Well Tell about yourself. - 25 Y.O Chill , Gamer -What can we expect from you? - Active Playing , Helping Others In Need When Ever I can -Hours available per day. - To Safe Answer 2-6 hours Position Looking For Server Support / Moderator
  2. Now it Gives that IcarusClient.dat Has Moved quarantine Reason IDP generic
  3. I Cant Play Icarus Suddenly It Gave Me This That IcarusClient.dat is moved to quarantine due to it had caught malware IDP.HELU.JARMAL14 My Discord BetScript#1931 if someone can help

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