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  1. Nice dude! Goodluck on your adventure!
  2. Hi there True here!! I have played Icarus for some time now and would like to apply for the Player Support rank! My age is 23 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Over the years I have played many Runescape private servers and have filled multiple staff roles from; Support, Moderator; Global moderator and Community Manager! Any more experience that I have in staff role is that I run a osrs clan where we have to deal with multiple issues from scams to fights between clan members. My knowledge about Runescape is pretty good I have played Runescape for years! Though Icarus is a lot different than osrs (ofcourse) I'd help anyone anywhere I can with the knowledge that I have! So what about me? I am a guy pretty chill not aggressive in any way and willing to help/teach (new) players how to get around in either Runescape or Icarus (I don't really play any other pc games! Sometimes PS4 tho!) My hobbies are mainly chilling with friends; playing Runescape/Icarus and making (non)alcoholic cocktails! (used to work as a cocktailbartender). I am pretty much online at all timezones but mainly at late afternoon UK time till early mornings. (This honestly depends on whether I have time to play and when I get up xd) I'll have pretty much a hard time to find a new job especially in the branche I used to work in, so for now I have lots of time to help Icarus on the grow and help anyone out that needs my help. The hours that I am available per day in game might be around 8-10 hours? Yet you can always message on Discord since I use the app on either PC and phone! Well we've come to the end of my staff application form! Thank you for taking your time to have a look at it and see y'all in game!! Greetings, True Legend.
  3. Amazing updates keep up the good work guys!
  4. Geat explanation of this flower game! Just to make it easier with these pair thing, after 2 pairs it's 3OAK (3 Of A Kind) FH, 4OAK, 5OAK.
  5. Very nice guide to get started! This will deffinitely help new players out!

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