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  1. Welcome Steven, goodluck on your journey!
  2. UPDATE NOTES #14 This is the last update of the year 2020! We will have some downtime after the update because i have to update the dedicated server. Will be around 10 minutes ETA. Stay healthy and safe, and a happy new year from the whole team! UPDATE LIST - Changed attack speed of Vorkath's twisted bow. - Mining now notes the resources gathered as a Gold+ Donator - Woodcutting now notes the resources gathered as a Gold+ Donator - Fishing now notes the resources gathered as a Gold+ Donator - Gold Donators now get 1 Icarus mystery box daily instead of 2 Mystery boxes - Zenyte Donators now get 1 Ultra mystery box daily instead of 2 Mystery boxes - Fixed 2 issues that caused a dominion key to be deleted even if you didn't get into dominion raids - Normal logs now chop 2 when you have the woodcutting cape equipped - Changed slightly the handling of the Skillcape perk in Fishing - You can now use the fishing spot at ::afk to gain afk tickets - Karambwan fishing uses correct animation now - Changed one of the dark crab fishing spots in donator area to a Karambwan fishing spot - Fixed infernal eel fishing spot in Donator zone - Fixed animation for Dominion rapier - Monkfish/Shark fishing spots now show correct required tool - Runite+ Donators can now select their own slayer tasks within the new interface in the blue quest tab under Collection log - Chambers of Xeric points have been fixed - Porazdir & Justiciar Zacharia teleports have been moved to their new locations (Wilderness) - A lot of the slayer tasks have been changed so you can correctly attack the different categorys of that monster, (Example: Task is Banshee, you can progress killing the twisted banshee) - Spellbook home teleport now teleports you home and the Teleport interface is accessible through the world map orb - Removed the interface that would show up if you teleported with normal spellbook - Fixed an issue with Platinum tokens being able to exchange more then 2147m worth and losing the extra - Ironmen can now buy exp with pest control points in the store - Changed some item values - BCS will provide bolts that work now - Hellhound secondary drops buffed - Vespula casket drop will now go to bank if you have a full inventory - Tekton will now drop an icarus box during the pursuit event if you kill him - Fixed not being able to get into loot room with Sos raids on second raid - Blowpipe speed nerfed slightly - Vorkath bow attack speed increased slightly - Odium and Malediction wards are now craftable - Teleportation device in the Donator zones now work - Slayer helmet and Armour will no longer stack with Salve amulet - You can now access the H.A.M Hideout - You can now get across the monkey bars in Edgeville dungeon to access the Earth warriors - Some gridlock region fixes, Below are areas now accessible depending on your region progress - If you come across any other areas of the map that your supposed to have access too but don't, please report them - Gridlock region 1: H.A.M Hideout, Taverly Dungeon, Wildy ditch (there was 2 tiles that was causing the out of region damage) - Gridlock region 2: Mudskipper Point, Asgarnian Ice Dungeon - Gridlock region 3: Mos Le'Harmless, Mos Le'Harmless Cave - Gridlock region 4: Inferno, Kraken, Kourend Katacombs (Skotizo is locked) - Rouges den teleport works now - can no longer attack some of the shops at home - KBD will no longer hit through the Anti-dragon shield
  3. Hey guys we are noticing the launcher is not working for everyone. here you can download the latest client and cache seperate so it will work. Client Download: https://mega.nz/file/HXAxnKaL#7uviQVIpw7uj_TllSUJxY-Q6EfVAmhdezjDEyinB3yc Cache Download: https://mega.nz/file/CCBB3I4D#jkfGodi-iMlvjpOQgp1-8T8s3GVyopIVoD7981rWWJo For the cache make a folder in your C drive/users/youruser and call it Icarus5 Extract the downloaded cache into that folder and then the client will work. Hope this solves all issues, if there are more problems feel free to join the discord and let us know!
  4. ICARUS-PS NOVEMBER-DECEMBER UPDATES Here are all the updates made from november and december, from now on every update we push will be shown on the forums. Once a week i will post a thread containing the week updates with added pictures etc. for now this is what we did! Icarus Update Notes #1 - Fixed wilderness issue You will now keep 3 items unskulled(4 when you use item protection prayer) and 0 when you are skulled (1 when you use item protection prayer) - Antidotes now work Fixed several item stats - Added Make over mage to lumbridge - Added Ckey chest to lumbridge - Added items to several gridlock stores - Added Ava's shop for gridlock (draynor manor) - Gridlock players can now trade eachother, stake eachother, and trade with the owner - Ironman/ Hardcore/Ultimate ironman can now trade with owner - Gridlock/ironman can now use the coinshops at the donator zones - Trading donorshop wont show you seeds shop anymore Master farmer has now a trade option for seeds shop (located in falador park) - Removed null from legendary mystery box - Fixed some issues with bond names saying the wrong name and amount in trade screen Added npcs to Draynor village Added more npcs to Varrock Added more npcs to Falador Added npcs to Edgeville Added general stores to varrock and falador Redesigned Lumbridge to make it gridlock friendly sang staff, and infernal sang staff now have the proper spells, sang max hit of 34 and 1/6 chance to heal 50% of the damage, infernal 48 max hit with 1/3 chance to heal 50% of the damage and the spells work in pvp agility now gives 5x the player's boost, so easy it's 500x xp, regular, 250x, and so on fixed xp for crafting amethyst fixed xp for making blowpipe fixed combat xp Removed farming shop from master farmer, you can now pickpocket him again seeds shop added to ::home GRIDLOCKED QOL Improvements: Removed - Teleporting to any donator zone: The aim for this update was to give all players something to do incase they don't want to complete tasks: Added - The ability from Region 2 gridlocked players to kill the Giant Mole. Added Ent's in wilderness now drop Rune Platebody and Rune Platelegs. Added - Rune scrimitar as a drop to the Fire Giants in the wilderness. Added The ability from Region 2 players to clear participate in Stronghold Raids. Added The ability from Region 2 players to participate at the warrior guild. Added The ability from Region 3 players to participate in Dominion raids and the dagganorth dungeon. Gridlocked players trade restrictions: This update should come with the ability for gridlocked players to trade/stake eachother this has since been reverted as the feedback from players expressed that this will not be a good move for the gamemode so gridlocked will stay as is, not being able to trade/stake or scavenge (pickup) items from other players. Icarus Update Notes #2 Copper and tin ore are working now, Some of them in lumbridge and falador were not working, due to a different object id, thats fixed now. Sang staff charging Players could only charge the infernal version staff with 10 charges, 100 and 1000 charges work now aswell. - Varrock medium diary fix You can now open thelisia's clothing shop to complete the diary task. Dialogue issue with falador park npc The npc will now say he has been sended by Bowlcutgod. Dominion Raids for Gridlocked mode Dominion raids is now good to go for gridlocked players that are atleast in region 2. Infernal dragon warhammer Special attack has been added to the hammer, same spec as the normal version. Neon infernal cape Stats have been added to the neon version of the cape, pure cosmetic so same stats as the regular cape. Daily contract command The command now works to check your daily contract, ::dailycontract, to reset it use ::dailycontractrest Lumbridge fishing spots They now appear as regular fishing spots and not as portals. Reduce pkp ticket u get from mboxes Crushing Superior dragon bone Improved pathing, u shouldnt get stuck in walls, or by clicking objects etc. did some more pathing adjustments to make it better infernal sang staff is fully working now Ironman can now buy Experience from pest control Master farmer requires 38 thieving now Silk stall requires 20 thieving now ICARUS UPDATE NOTES #4 as you all know our former devs left, we are talking to new ones, but thats why the bug fixes going a bit slow atm. I have to do all updates myself and im not a great developer, doing my best to do everything. we will have new devs soon -right clicking the altar at home does not change your spellbook as it should. FIXED special attack bar doesnt always register Added ::info command for Moderators+ - Fixed infernal scythe of vitur - Fixed dragon hunter cbow effect on dragontypes - Zammy hasta, zammy spear, tormented spear and vesta's spear will now ignore the 50% damage reduction from corp - Overload will now reset your health when the effect is over, cant be used in the wilderness anymore - Afk shop prices have been nerfed - You will get more starter key drops now, instead of 1/20 i made it 1/10 - Disabled donator rev caves, causes too much bugs, might get re enabled when its reworked - Buffed droprates on rare rewards in stronghold raids. - Changed ips allowed at once from 5 to 3 accounts. - Pest control and fight caves give more minigame xp now. - Added prestiging, u can prestige now at the npc in home bank for points, u can spend them in the shop. - Added Gold fragment shop at home bank. ICARUS UPDATE NOTES #5 - Fishing is reworked, now gives correct xps for every game mode - Farming is reworked, now gives correct xps for every game mode - Reworked upgrade system, you now have way more chance of upgrading items. - Fixed pursuit crate drops by world bosses - All inferno stones droprates have been buffed with 45% - Added a slayer chest at home - After every slayer task you will recieve a slayer key for the slayer chest at home and 500k coins as extra reward - Added Slayer armour, gained from the slayer chest, will have boosted stats on task - Added Icarus mystery boxes to Galvek and Vespula - Added Virtus, Torva, and Pernix into the game (obtainable by doing Dominion raids) 1/55 - Added Primal 2h, Primal longsword and Primal rapier (obtainable by doing Dominion raids) 1/55 - Added Dominion raids to the minigame teleports, you need a dominion key to enter Purchased from the slayer shop for 1000 slayer points, key does not vanish on use http://icarus-ps.org/forums/index.php?/topic/88-introducing-dominion-raids/ - Transferred the source from Eclipse to Intelijj ICARUS UPDATE NOTES #6 e Huge thanks to @K A Elliott for helping with all the skilling experience, it took weeks to test - You cannot enter Dominion raids with a pet, since it was duplicating pets in the raid. - Farming should work properly now - Crafting has been fixed up - Agility and roof top agility exp has been fixed up - Willow, yew and magic logs exp have been fixed - All Log fletching into bows give correct exp now - Copper, tin and gem rock exp have been fixed - Thieving exp has been fixed up - All food gives correct exp now when cooking them - Smelting bars experience all got fixed - Smithing armoury experience all got fixed - Making potions will now give the correct exp - Gridlocked players can open gold fragment shop again - Gridlocked players can now acces Ava's shop at draynor manor - Ironman/Hardcore can acces gold fragment shop again - Added minigame exp to Dominion raids - Removed cerberus boots from gold donator shop, added rune pouch and looting bag - smoke battlestaf is now wearable ICARUS UPDATE NOTES #7 -Added 1 Rune c'bow drop to Crazy Archaeologist in Uncommon -Elite void will not stack with slayer helm anymore, caused shit ton of damage. -Slayer bonus has been added to the bloodthirst chestplate and platelegs Also stacks up with slayer helmet, the plan is to make slayer helmet combine with bloodthirst helm for extra slayer bonusses. -You can now create potions using primary on secondary and vice versa. -You can now make Super Anti-fire potions again. -Made Dragon Bolts fletchable. -All dragon bolts (e) and regular tipped and normal dragon bolts are wearable (Poision aren't). -All dragon bolts tipped are now fletchable with the correct gem tips. -All dragon bolts have correct range strength. -Added all dragon bolts (e) n regular tipped and normal dragon bolts item definitions. -Added cleaning cloth to general store (Can be used to make golem mining pet go back to default). -All dragon bolts are now stackable. -All tipped dragon bolts are now enchantable. -Amethyst arrows no longer give range defence. -Mystery box price typo in ::afk fixed, now 150k. -Mystery box price in Vote store is now 5 vote ticket. -Fixed up attacking distance using ranged weapons, for player attacking and npc attacking -Gridlocked region 4 players can now enter the Tzhaar and do fight caves minigame. - Added world message when someone ends someone else his bounty hunter streak. also rewards you with 5 extra pkp tickets. - Rune pouch will now save on death. ICARUS UPDATE NOTES #8 - Added Broadcast command for moderators+. - Added Event command for moderators+. - Added teleevent for players to teleport to the world event. - Fixed pvp issue where npcs would get the loot, pkers will now always get loot when killing a player in the wilderness. - Gridlocked players can now use vote shop. - All npc animations should work now. - Hiscores have been added! you can lookup by checking your exp mode, compare with others etc! Your special rank, Gridlock,Ironman,Hardcore ironman and Ultimate ironman rank appears before the name. - Website donating and hiscores have been restyled. - Bank tabs have been fixed up, they work properly now.(also for resizeable mode). - Weird hilly spikes removed in lumbridge. - Random objects in edgeville are removed now. - Fixed Staffs causing ? as combat level in the combat tab. - Buffed vorkath drops by 25%. - Added Blood graardor!, you can now obtain blood textured bandos items from him. 1/250 Set will be a bit better then the regular set. Added attack bonusses to it. ICARUS UPDATE NOTES #9 - Ironman and Ultimate ironman can now revert to normal player at Adam - Boosted droprate for Zenyte, Gold and rune donators. - Added Exclusive slayer zone for Zenyte donators. - Removed GWD kc for Adamant+ donators - Void and Elite void bonusses work correctly now - Cooking exp wont stuck anymore - Dragon chainbody is wearable now - Removed several bugs to fix duping thing in bcs. all dupes got fixed. - Corp entrance works properly now, u will not get stuck anymore - Corp combat script has been reworked - RFD now works properly. had to enter twice to finish it, thats fixed now - Grey Chins now have AOE Effect - Changed yell limits, Gold 0, Runite 5, Adamant 10, Mithril 15, Steel 20. - Added 9 new items to the donator store - Removed Botchecker from skilling ICARUS UPDATE NOTES #10 - Redesigned home area a bit. - Added Zenyte shop. - Added a new teleport system to Icarus, with a new interface. Called the Icarus Teleport Device. - Added Collectors necklace to Zenyte shop, Auto picks up loot and puts it in your bank. - Added overload time to certain ranks, Adamant +1 min, Runite +2 min, Gold +3 min, Zenyte +4 min. - Added a instance boss system for runite donators +, talk to the instance manager to see what bosses. instancing a boss will cost you a small fee.(+new interface). - Magic cape should now spellbook swap, also in wilderness. - Some armour sets have been removed due to a bug with it, barrow sets are still here. - Added Imbue scrolls to slayershop, use them on items to imbue them and make them (i). Items that u can imbue at the moment:Berserker ring, Archer's ring, Seer's ring, Saradomin cape, Zamorak cape, Guthix cape, Salve Amulet (e). - Added Blood graardor pet to Blood graardor droptable, Unique perk: Pet has 5% droprate. 1/250 - Blood graardor has made slightly harder to kill now. - Nightmare pet has 8% droprate perk added. - Lunar spellbook home teleport has been added. - Abyssal sire has been looked into, you can now shadow barrage it. - You will no longer assign a target that is in the BCS Minigame. - Changed crumble undead spawn hp to 1 until we can fix it to one shot it at vorkath - A Death bug at vorkath instance has been fixed - Kodai wand is now craftable. - Added slayer requirement to Dominion raids. - Overload will now give correct message, changed altar to potion. - After you used all your chances on the stronghold raids chest, you will be teleported out. - Blowpipe has been changed to a higher price value. - Removed PVP armours and weapons from the donator store. - Added PVP armours and weapons to the bounty store. - Infernal stone price has been changed to $35. - Dominion key price has changed to 100 slayer points, when you use it it vanishes. - Dragon hunter crossbow price has been changed in donator store. - Bloodthirst set models are changed. - Craw's bow stats have been reworked. - Vanguard set has been changed statwise. - Infernal stone should not show as unarmed anymore. ICARUS UPDATE NOTES #11 - Added Flowerpoker!!! Yes! flowerpoker is coming to icarus, your favorite all time gamble game! We made a system thats flawless! antiscam, item holds are by the server itsself, and playercontrol! I removed ::dice and added ::gamble, ( U need to be atleast bronze donator to teleport to there). The game is full automatic meaning after u right click gamble a person, add in your items and accept. After that the items will be hold by the server, once a participant wins the items will automaticly be paid to the winner. For all the flower poker rules visit the forums here : http://icarus-ps.org/forums/index.php?/topic/104-flower-poker/ I also moved the dicing to that zone for 55x and blackjack. hopefully you guys will like it this took a while :)! - New vote system easier to use, when done do ::claimvote in game to get vote tickets. - Kree'arra instance now has the correct npc. - Adjusted starter inferface. - All fishing tasks in gridlock work correctly now. - Tele to bounty target is now fully working. - Disabled Edge safe pk, wild is wild now, everywhere! - Changed 10$ bond price in vote store to 300 points, was 500. - Removed armour sets from vote shop. - Added killcount to Kerberos (final boss in dominion raids). - Added Dominion raids completions count. - Primal weapons prices in donator store have been reworked. - Sorcerer's shield stats have been reworked (bis magic shield now). - Scythe and infernal scythe stats reworked (infernal scythe bis melee now). - Ghrazi rapier stats have been reworked. - Ultimate ironman now keep items when they die at zulrah. - You can now enchant zenyte jewelry with level 7 enchant, to make zenyte jewelry use the pottery oven in crafting guild. - Hiscores wont show the same account multiple times anymore. - Changed timer for switching between viweing drops, from 5 to 2 seconds. - You can now view the vorkath droptable. - Added a portal in zenyte zone to teleport to the exclusive slayer zone. - You can now use zenyte keys on the zenyte chest. - Edgeville dungeon lowe and ranaels are replaced by the correct npcs. - Reworked vote shop items, added some and deleted some of the items. - Rune bars from the boxes are now noted. ICARUS UPDATE NOTES #12 - Collection log has been added <3. can be found in questtab. - Added some missing rare drops in droptables. - Disabled dropping in Dominion raids due to a pet dupe. - Disabled drop messages in Dominion raids. - Some announcement changes. - Fixed zenyte rank icon. - Fixed issue with inferno that when you protect ranged you won't get damaged. - Sorted the task list to be a bit more presentable in its English wording and also added the visual for when you have started on a task that requires multiple steps. - Fixed a issue with teleporting in blood champions minigame. - Porazdir has been moved to wilderness (MULTI) next to rogue castle, it will drop the infernal kabal pieces. - Justiciar Zach has been moved to wilderness (MULTI) next to Demonic Ruins, it will drop the justiciar pieces and dclaws. - Adjusted droptables for porazdir and justiciar zach, added blood money as constant drop and resources, d arrows. Also adjusted their health. - You can now use ::home under 20 wilderness ( Gold+ 25). - Cooking dark crabs give the highest experience now. - Nightmare pet and Blood graardor pet are no longer tradeable. - Infernal ranged cape now works with the Ava's effect. - Added dragon arrows to the bronze donator shop. - Changed alch values on torva pieces. - Changed alch values on virtus pieces. - Changed alch values on pernix pieces. - Changed alch values on primal weapons. - Changed alch values on infernal battleaxe. - Dominion set stats are reworked. - Tormented spear has been buffed - Ghrazi rapier has been nerfed. - Fixed up ornate armour, should be cosmetic. - Restyled Bloodthirst armour. - Added Spellbook swap altar in lumbridge castle. - Added pkp shop, bounty shop and blood money shop to lumbridge castle. ICARUS UPDATE NOTES #13 - Whole npc combat has been reworked in the server, took a while but finally completed it. It's going to be way easier to add scripts in to provide you guys new content! - Porazdir has been reworked (new combat script). - Justiciar zachariah has been reworked(new combat script). - Added Ruby sigil to corporeal beast droptable. - Added Divine sigil to corporeal beast droptable. - Divine spirit shield can absorb 30% of the damage from npc's and players. - Reworked corporeal beast (new combat script) and added tormented spear to corp damage. - Buffed tormented spear at corp, makes it bis for corp. - Flowerpoker now uses the other spots when the first one is full. - All bosses in Instancemanager respawn now. - Adjusted transforming for demonic gorilla's to make it better. - Fixed lunar home teleport sprite (again). - Wilderness obelisks have been fixed. - Added item to several stores. - Changed sapling requirement in Chambers of Xeric to 1. - Fixed al-kharid gate. - Fixed dark beasts door in taverley dungeon. - Fixed up amulet of glory teleporting. - Rejuvination pool at home has no cooldown from Runite+ donators. - Fixed issue with Ultimate ironmen causing them to on death dupe untradables and delete all tradable items - Salve amulet (e) and (i) can now be imbued and enchanted properly - Dragonfire ward is now craftable - Ancient wyvern shield and Dragonfire ward now protect properly from Dragonfire - Chambers of Xeric raid points now add to total and also reset properly - Elemental and Mind shield now protect from Wyvern breath - Slightly changed hitting rare drop table for raids - Fixed Achievement diary task in Ardougne requiring you to pray at an altar with Chivalry prayer active - You can now add orbs to the Nightmare staff, Orbed nightmare staffs can also be dismantled - Increased points gained in Chambers of Xeric - You can now add imbued god capes to magic capes - Slayer points now reset if you use turael to get an easier task - Crumble undead now one shots the Undead spawn in Vorkath boss fight - When you are poisoned or venomed it will now show on the HP orb and go away once healed - When donating it will show how many bonds you got in chat broadcast and should also add to total donated properly - Mystery boxes are now claimable through donating. - Added more tasks to gridlocked regions. - Fixed tasks that were not working for gridlocked. Hope you enjoyed them!! as i said from now on we will post weekly updates. Thanks for all the bug reports and support to Icarus-ps!
  5. How to get there: To go to flowerpoker simply use the ::gamble command You have to be bronze donator+ to have acces to the area, its also the new area for dicing. Flower Poker Rules: There are in total 9 sets of flowers in Flower Poker. Both players must plant a row of 5 separate flowers. What beats what? Best plants > Worse plants; Examples below: = 5p - 5 pairs of 1 color (beats all) = 4p - 4 pairs of 1 color (beats Full House) = Fh - Full house 3 pairs of 1 color + 2 pairs of 1 color (beats 2 pair + beats Oak) = 3p/Oak - 3 of 1 color/3 of a kind (beats 2 pair) = 2p - 2 pairs of 1 color + 2 pairs of 1 color (beats 1 pair) = 1p - 1 pair of 1 color (beats bust) = Bust - No pairs (you lose unless other player busts and you must replant) + = Black and white Flower - Black or White flowers (replant flowers) Colors do not matter in Flower Poker unless you plant a Black or a White flower thus making it an automatic replant of both parties. Hopefully this simple guide helps any and all newcomers to the game of Flower Poker. PLEASE play at your own risk, never risk what you can not afford to lose. The whole system is automatic so scamming should not be possible, none or the less make sure u always record the game.
  6. nice work, maybe change the text colour its a bit hard to read :P, other then that nice work!
  7. ICARUS- PS VOTING EVENT We will start rewarding people for voting on the daily base! It starts in november and the rewards will be handed out every 1st of the month! Voting is usefull for the server, it will make us grow and brings up more attention. Votes count from 1st to 1st of ever next month. Goodluck all ! MONTHLY REWARDS #1 Spot : $50 Bond #2 Spot : 25$ Bond #3 Spot : 10$ Bond You can checkout total votes at the right side of the voting page.
  8. DOMINION RAIDS Dominion raids is a solo raid on the top of the slayer tower, you need to complete 10 floors to be able to get a reward! The floors are always in the same order, every floor has a bank chest aswell. HOW TO ENTER DOMINION RAIDS First you need to buy the dominion key from the slayer store for 1000 slayer points. The key will not vanish on use meaning u only have to buy it one time! If you purchased the key go to Minigame teleports and select Dominion Raids. You will need 93 slayer to complete the whole raid. FLOORS Floor 1: Chaos Fanatic Floor 2: General Graardor Floor 3: Lizardman Shaman Floor 4: King black dragon Floor 5: Crazy Archaeologist Floor 6: Scorpia Floor 7: Barrelchest Floor 8: 2x Smoke Devils Floor 9: Chaos Elemental Floor 10: Kerberos (FInal Boss) Floor 11: Reward room (You have 5 tries on the chest!) DOMINION REWARDS (NEW) We have added new rewards to the Dominion raids!@ Full torva set (1/55 per piece) Full pernix set (1/55 per piece) Full virtus set (1/55 per piece) Primal 2h (1/75) Primal rapier (1/75) Primal longsword (1/75)
  9. GRIDLOCKED REGIONS AND INFORMATION Here is all the starter information you need to progress on your gridlocked account. Sadly our forums was hacked by former developers so i had to rollback to make sure everything was back as normal. we lost some threads that are made after the 30st of september. HOW TO UPGRADE TO THE NEXT REGION? To progress to the next region in gridlocked, talk to the guide in varrock church. Be sure to have all your tasks completeed, he will update your region and task list! GRIDLOCKED SLAYER You can easily do wilderness slayer, the wilderness unlocks at region 1. You can find the wilderness slayer npc in Edgeville. REGION 1 REGION 2 (Also unlocks Dominion and Stronghold Raids) (Giant Mole) REGION 3 (Also unlocks Daggonnoth's) REGION 4 (Also unlocks Zulrah) REGION 5 (unlocks the whole map) This game mode is work in progress, meaning more features will be added into it soon.

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