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K A Elliott

Woodcutting Guide

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K A Elliott    1

Woodcutting Guide

By: K A Elliott

How To Start:

  • Use the "Camelot" Teleport in the Teleport Tab (Cities)
  • All Trees, Except Willow and Magic, Can Be Found and Cut In Camelot
  • Willow Trees Can Be Cut Behind Draynor Bank 
  • Magic Trees Can Be Cut in Wilderness Resource Area and Donor Zones
  • Always Cut the Best Tree Available

How It Works:

  • Experience = Successfully Cutting a Tree (per Log cut)

Experience Chart:

Skill Action Level Required OSRS Exp Easy Mode Exp Normal Mode Exp Hard Mode Exp Extreme Mode Exp
Woodcutting Regular Tree 1 25 2500 1250 625 125
Woodcutting Oak 15 37.5 3750 1875 937.5 187.5
Woodcutting Willow 30 67.5 6750 3375 1687.5 337.5
Woodcutting Maple 45 100 10000 5000 2500 500
Woodcutting Yew 60 175 17500 8750 4375 875
Woodcutting Magic 75 250 25000 12500 6250 1250

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