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True Legend's staff application

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Hi there True here!!

I have played Icarus for some time now and would like to apply for the Player Support rank!


My age is 23 years old and I live in the Netherlands.

Over the years I have played many Runescape private servers and have filled multiple staff roles from; Support, Moderator; Global moderator and Community Manager! Any more experience that I have in staff role is that I run a osrs clan where we have to deal with multiple issues from scams to fights between clan members.

My knowledge about Runescape is pretty good I have played Runescape for years! Though Icarus is a lot different than osrs (ofcourse) I'd help anyone anywhere I can with the knowledge that I have!


So what about me? I am a guy pretty chill not aggressive in any way and willing to help/teach (new) players how to get around in either Runescape or Icarus (I don't really play any other pc games! Sometimes PS4 tho!)

My hobbies are mainly chilling with friends; playing Runescape/Icarus and making (non)alcoholic cocktails! (used to work as a cocktailbartender).

I am pretty much online at all timezones but mainly at late afternoon UK time till early mornings. (This honestly depends on whether I have time to play and when I get up xd) 

I'll have pretty much a hard time to find a new job especially in the branche I used to work in, so for now I have lots of time to help Icarus on the grow and help anyone out that needs my help.

The hours that I am available per day in game might be around 8-10 hours? Yet you can always message on Discord since I use the app on either PC and phone!


Well we've come to the end of my staff application form! Thank you for taking your time to have a look at it and see y'all in game!!



True Legend.



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