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99 Skill Revenant Guide

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Revenants within Icarus are great for money making and XP farming.

Revenants are the ghostly versions of creatures slain during the God Wars found in the Revenant Caves within the Wilderness in levels 28 to 34. They are extremely dangerous monsters, being capable of hitting very high and accurately for monsters of their combat levels.


Revenants are known for their generous drop table, due to being in the Wilderness, where the player is at risk of being killed by other players in a multicombat area. Each revenant shares the same drop table, though higher levelled revenants and turning Bounty Hunter on increases the chance of dropping items.


Fight overview


Revenants are capable of using all three forms of combat and are much more dangerous than their combat levels suggest. Their attacks have very high accuracy against any player not using a bracelet of ethereum regardless of their defensive bonuses. In addition, their attacks change based on the player's defensive stats and protection prayers being used. They are also capable of healing themselves when their health falls below 50%, though this only occurs a limited amount of times. When it heals itself, a lightning strike can be seen.


Being undead, revenants are susceptible to the effects of the salve amulet and its enchanted version.


Fight Technique


As Pkers are common to encounter in the revenant caves, a popular strategy is to only bring 3 valuable items. Players can kill revenants using any of the three combat sytles. The Toxic Blowpipe is a very useful weapon. Wearing a bracelet of Ethereum is highly recommended due to its damage blocking effect, if worn they will not hit you at all. You can acquire a bracelet of ethereum from all revs except imps. 




Revenants are located in the Revenant Caves within the Wilderness in levels 28 to 34. The cave has a north entrance and a south entrance. The North entrance is located directly north of the Black Chinchompa's. The south entrance is located just east of the Bandit Camp.


The caves can also be reached by using a Revenant Cave Teleport scroll.





image.png.1c7f9157d3a668c0ac7fd16a85cc800e.png Revenant Ether

image.png.5e2e7d25f1d797a3e9a8359b8a148bcf.png Revenant Cave Teleport

image.png.bf2aa8f72dcc27977fbe926b16a8215b.pngBracelet of Ethereum

image.png.9703a3f0386881d7f1fdae36eec35a31.pngViggoras Mace

image.png.4b9b3b3045337e1e233807b3316f9a1a.png Craws Bow

image.png.44aa669e8d9b564527c175d844bdc4e7.png Thammarons Sceptre

image.png.d80f01f7c73863d84c22847bf9af74b6.pngAncient Emblem

image.png.aa55c357bd98191f431d451df2203e17.pngAncient Totem

image.png.e6b38fb5c60aac12fd523b3c027bf813.pngAncient Statuette

image.png.369d0da3ad2730f2fdec281ac0334927.pngAncient Medallion

image.png.1094622a967b90dcc8dc4fdd041c3e84.pngAncient Effigy

image.png.458d26e944df8bdaa5a0e8ca1b1af212.png Ancient Relic


Ultra Rare Drops

Revenants also drop pieces of the Ancient armour sets.. Vestas, Morrigans etc. These pieces you can sell to other players for large sums surpassing 10's of millions. (Couldn't find any icons sorry)


Hope you enjoyed my guide, feedback is most welcome! -99 Skill













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