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Icarus-ps Staff application rules

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bowlcutgod    20

Hey guys,

If you want to appeal for a staff spot some things have to be in the request.

Here are the minimum things we need to know:






-Tell about yourself.

-What can we expect from you?

-Hours available per day.


Goodluck everyone i will read all appeals, you will get a respond within a maximum of 3 days.





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Gabe    0

age. 22 Yr

-experience. 14 years of playing this scapeness

-Hobbies. Gambling - playing runescape - league - World of Warcraft.

-Knowledge. I know fair bit to the game as I played 14 years. know mainly everthing along the lines of the game.

-Tell about yourself. Open minded, caring, likes to learn, loves to get to know people and chat thro discord, mainly gotta get to know me yourself to see the real me

-What can we expect from you? definitely my first time trying out to be mod, I see my self trying my best to help and also learn much to help others. Im ready to invest a lot of hours :P

-Hours available per day. as this virus going around , im always at home, I can play 6-14 hours 

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Tristan    0

-I am 21 years old

-experience: I've been playing runescape, runescape private servers, all that fun stuff since i was 14 years old. I was part of the staff team on my last server and i wouldnt mind putting my knowledge into a server that has potential like this one.

-Hobbies: I enjoy gaming, trail riding, and fishing in my off time.

-Knowledge: id like to say i know a lot about runescape as ive played since i was 14 years old.

-Tell about yourself: I live in michigan, i have a cool, calm, collective mindset and love to pass time laughing with others.

-What can we expect from you? You can expect my trust, loyalty, and devotion to this server and helping everyone as much as expected.

-Hours available per day. 6 hour at bare minimum

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- 23 years young, next month 😉

- I have been playing RS since around 2003, and RSPS since around 2009.. I think I understand the game abit too well. In terms of staffing I have a broad set of knowledge when it comes to policing a community. I understand the various commands needed to pursue my job, plus the commands that can be used for the game in general. I have been a Moderator, Discord Support, Administrator, Community Manager and Co-Owner for quite a few RSPSs and have many protocol versions of the game - 317, 474, 508 , 716 etc and can adapt to these kind of changes instantly if they were to happen. I'm also a great candidate in terms of finding event, home or zone spots as I spend alot of time ::tele'ing.. it brings back nostalgia visiting certain places you haven't seen in a while. Besides that, I understand the business side of things and pushing things like votes and forum-usage is something I thrive in.

- My hobbies would include Gaming, IT (my job sector), walks (not jogs) and food.. I'm pretty lazy but I do enjoy nature too :P

- I live in London, UK which helps with timezone staffing. I am available throughout the day as I work from home as an Infrastructure Support Technician and I'm pretty much on my computer 24/7. I'm a friendly person and never hold grudges, I like to resolve situations and ensure the smooth running of things - this includes in real life. I'm a very upfront person and like to ensure people can feel upfront with me without me taking it seriously.

- You can expect me from me a proper staff member, with an eye for happiness and the desire to make things run smoothly. I can ensure that all my time spent online will go towards bringing up ideas that can enhance the player-experience across the community, plus the relaxation of the staff team!

- I'm available for no less than 15 hours per day. With maybe an hour break in the middle. This would be from 8AM - 11PM at the least (UK Time - GMT)

I am looking to aim for an Admin position, as I prefer to be an administrative member of the game once I've taken a little tour of everything. I also think it fits well where I am readily available for the majority of the day, in case anything were to happen. If not I'd prefer something more unique like the Community and Events Manager role, where I have the ability to teleport to places, activate god mode etc - it just helps with event places and ideas.

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BetScript    0

 Age - 25

experience - Server Support, Owner , +10 years of playing runescape / rsps 

Hobbies - Metal Detecting ,Video Games, instagram & Youtube

Knowledge - I d said Average if not better Know  Things Quite Well

Tell about yourself. - 25 Y.O Chill , Gamer 

-What can we expect from you? - Active Playing , Helping Others In Need When Ever I can

-Hours available per day. - To Safe Answer 2-6 hours 

Position   Looking For Server Support / Moderator

Edited by BetScript

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