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Donator Deals. 1/2/2021 - 2/2/2021

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Benneh    2

New Donator deals! Happy new year.. =] Been a great ride! Let's keep it this way and get even better, even bigger and even stronger! 
Here below i'll list the donator deals. 

How they work: Hit x amount and you get the deal, Inside the range of the specific month listed in the title. 

Donate over 85$ this month get:
2x Legendary
2x Ultra
1x Pet Mystery Box

Donate over 185 this month get:

- 2x Inferno Mystery Boxes
1x Primal Weapon(You pick)
2x Raid Mystery Boxes

Donate over 335$ This month get:

2x Limited Mboxes
2x Xmas Mboxes
2x Inferno Mboxes
2x Legendary Mboxes

Donate over 650 This month get:

3x Of all Boxes(Icarus, Ultra, Pet, Legendary, Raid, Inferno, Xmas, Limited
+ 1x. Whatever Infernal Item you want. 

Donate over 825$ This month get:

Get to pick 20 Mboxes own choice
+ Whatever set you please.

These deals are pretty good since we are a custom server + this is our way moneytizing the project.

We have been up for months and we keep working hard, nothing will be different.

Thank you so much for everything guys.

Then after the end of the month, We will have a Massive drop party matching the amount donated over the month!
Hope these deals make more sense! 
Have a great time, and keep grinding!

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